Starter Guide

A quick tutorial to get started with Deck plugin for Sketch


  • All artboards must be of same size
  • All icons/assets must be made as exportable (PNG) for a better output

Conversion Process

Install Deck

Download and install the latest version of sketch plugin on your machine

Select the artboards that needs to be converted to a PowerPoint. Each artboard represents each slide. Artboards arrangement must be from bottom to top in the layers panel (ie) the first slide will be in the bottom and the last slide at the top. Here is a plugin to make it easier - Sort Me
  • After selecting the artboard, Go to Plugins → Deck → Convert
  • Click on Proceed
  • Once the file is uploaded and converted, hit the download button

Video Tutorial

The above written tutorial is summaried into a short screen video

Please Note

After a successful conversion, the file is saved to the server. On hitting the download button and once the file is downloaded by the user, the file is removed from the server. Also we don't save any configuration on our servers.