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Is Deck free?

Absolutely Yes! Deck is and will be a free tool. We might launch a pro version in future, but the core functionality will be free forever

What platforms does Deck support

Deck is currently designed as Sketch plugin. We look forward to support major design softwares such as Figma, Photoshop & XD in the future. Join the waiting list


Does the plugin also convert to Apple keynote (.key)?

The plugin converts files to a .pptx format. This is an open-source format that can be opened using Keynote. From Keynote you can export to the various formats including .key

Few layers are broken in the output ppt file

Make sure you have checked the supported features to get an idea of what properties are taken from the sketch file. Also take a look at the little hacks mentioned in the supported features document.

The text layer in the ppt has a line break

This is probably because you have ligatures enabled by default in sketch. Turn off ligatures in typography settings. Detailed article here


What happens to my file after conversion?

All files generated by the user are removed immediately once user the hits the download button. We do not keep any files or sketch configuration files on our servers. We do keep a record of the files (Names, Sketch IDs) that are successfully converted


I found a bug. How can i report?

You can visit our Spectrum community and posted in our Hugs & Bugs channel. Your feedback is important to us.

I’m interested in this project. How can I support you?

For technical support and suggestions, you can post it on our Spectrum page. For donations you can visit here (Thanks in advance❤️)

When can we expect a Figma/Xd/Photoshop extension?

Very soon. You can join the waiting list here. We will notify you once it is ready

How can I contact you?

You can ping me on Twitter,Spectrum or drop a mail to hello@deck.is